Demy helps you with
integrated pest management

Using a simple picture of a glue trap taken with a smartphone, our application can count pests, predict pest outbreaks, and recommend ways to fight and prevent pests.

Demy will become your digital greenhouse assistant.

So, who is Demy?

Let’s introduce you to Demy, an AI assistant that can be found in our app. She advises you on pest management, answers any data or app-related questions, and continuously triggers you to get the most value out of your data.

You stay in charge, while Demy takes over time-consuming tasks such as pest detection and pest monitoring. She needs your expertise and is fully reliant on your input. Together, you are always in control, can scout three times faster, and make up to 50% less mistakes in pest detection.

High accuracy

Our AI has been trained on thousands of images with the help of field experts allowing us to guarantee a base accuracy of 90%. We currently support thrips, whiteflies, and sciarids. 

Consistent results

During our test, we found that even the best scout’s performance decreases in the course of a day or with large numbers of pests on a glue trap. Demy remains consistent and can identify individual pests amongst hundreds on a single glue trap. 

Make it actionable

You can define your treatment, delegate action, track and trace events with accurate alerting, and measure treatment effectiveness. 

Control your AI

Environments change, pests change, and thus our solution gives you control to continuously update and retrain the AI. This way, optimal accuracies are kept over time!  

How does it work?



Your scout takes a picture of the glue traps, which is used as input for the AI



Our AI counts the pests and gives you insights into pest outbreaks



Demy offers you early pest warnings and swift and accurate tracking & tracing of treatments

What about some reading first?


Demy helps you with data analysis and predicting & preventing pest events

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